Tuesday, 2 May 2017

{English} Avatar - The Last Airbender: The Search, Part Two (The Search #2)

For fans of: the Nickelodeon series
Published: 2013 (Dark Horse)

Pages: 76

Blurb: As Fire Lord Zuko continues his quest to uncover his mother's fate, a shocking revelation causes him to question everything he knows. It's an opportunity that his sister, the deadly and insane Azula, will not fail to take advantage of as she joins Zuko and his friends, Aang, Katara, and Sokka on their journey into a mysterious forest from which some people never reemerge...  

My opinion: This one was already better than the first installment of "The Search". The pacing wasn't as rushed and the characters were closer to their normal selves.
Azula was still a little one-sided, she's just the crazy one here. Maybe there's a reason for that, I can't tell, but I hope so.

It becomes clear that Ursa is the centre of the story and I can't wait to see what they find out about her in the end. Because right now I don't really have a clue. Something that bothers me is Ursa's background story. It's filled with clichés and tbh I expected a little more from the makers of such an incredible series. Hopefully I'll be surprised. The end (a cliffhanger again) was intriguing, to be fair.

I'm not sure about that pair of siblings that showed up in the forest. Do they have some sort of function or are they just here to underline the importance of siblings/sibling-relationships?

Aang still comes across like he's still a naive little child. I'm not sure how old he is now (not counting the 100 years he spent in the iceberg), but I don't think he's acting like his age. Or his title. In "The Promise" he was a lot wiser and more mature. Where did that all go.
And Toph? Where is she?

To sum things up, here's what I (at least!) expect from the finale of this series: 1. Finding Ursa. 2. Toph to show up. 3. Aang and Katara to stop calling eachother "sweetie".


My rating: 4/5 Buttons

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